Question Eternet > Coax > Ethernet > Router

Nov 22, 2021

I am pretty new about networking, but I was wondering if the below is feasible and would be worth it.

The fiber ONT is in the garage, the Ethernet cable from the ONT runs in the walls of my house to a smart panel that is located in a closet. Every room in my house does not have a Ethernet port but all has a coax port that also leads to the smart panel. I was wondering if it's possible to setup a MoCa in the smart panel, connect the ONT Ethernet to the MoCa and then connect a coax cable from one of the rooms to that. And then in the room, connect the coax port to another MoCa, and then connect a Ethernet cable to the second MoCa and finally to the router. Is this possible? And if so, would there be any loss in bandwidth?

Ethernet from ONT > MoCa > Coax > MoCa > Ethernet to router.

That way will work. The newest moca is very fast they have 2.5g ports on them. Not sure you can really get 2.5g but they easily get 1gbit.

I would instead pick a room that has ethernet and coax to put the router in.

You would go ont---ethernet--router/wan--router/lan--moca--coax wall

You want all the coax in the house hooked together with splitters.

You could then put moca devices in rooms that only have coax and also put a moca device in the patch panel location to hook up to the rooms that have ethernet. You would then have your whole house connected via wired connections of one form or another.