News Ethereum Drop Makes GDDR SGRAM Cheaper: Will Graphics Cards Drop too?


Oct 19, 2011
Graphics cards won't actually drop until they're regularly in stock. The latest cards are all still sold out at retailers in the USA. Scalper prices might drop, but MSRP and elevated AIB prices will remain until stock catches up with demand. Same goes for memory chips and other components. We won't see any drop in retail channels until supply catches up with demand or exceeds it -- something not likely until next year at the earliest. We'd all like to dream of falling prices, but Nvidia, AMD, and AIBs will bundle games before they dream of lowering prices.

Lets also keep in mind that miners are still making money. They're not making as much money, but they're still doing it. The mining world isn't controlled by Wall Street or Hollywood thinking where making money can be seen as a failure if not enough money is made. This drop in ETH is inconsequential given that so many people are dreaming of the next boom.
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The prices dont drop untill AIB drops their prices… many retailers have a lot of gpus that dont sell because they are too expensive. And retailers dont want to sell them at loss, so those gpus remains to be on the shelves and retailers just dont buy new gpus so that means that nvidia and amd have to reduce production because demand is going down…