Ethereum Mining Performance: GeForce Vs. Radeon

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A titan V would have handily crushed any of the cards here with its 70+ MH/s Eth rate.

But when it comes to making your money back you use:
Cost of graphics card / Megahashes per second (Easy to understand formula, real formula at the bottom)

For the Geforce 1060 that comes out to roughly

$400 / 25MH/s or 16 dollars per megahash (I was able to buy 4 1060s for about $300 each a few months ago. Score!!!)

For the Geforce Titan V that comes out to roughly

$5000 / 82MH/s or 61 dollars per megahash.

As you can see it would take at least 3.8 times as long for a Titan V to pay itself off, not including the power cost.

This isn't the most true comparison due to not taking power into account, but still gives an easily understandable way of seeing why a $5000 GPU isn't worth mining with.

You could have simply bought 3 Geforce 1060s and had a similar hash rate for cheaper.

The goal here being to make back the price of the graphics cards, then everything else is gravy.

Ideally I would have used the formula of

Cost of graphics card / Spreadsheet calculated monthly income taking power and other fluctuations into account.

to calculate on average how long a graphics card would take to pay itself off.

You can also use the calculator on to quickly calculate the "Spreadsheet calculated monthly income"
Bad job Tom's. Just add fuel to the GFX card debacle. Irresponsible and just wrong. First the user must go out and OVERSPEND on a GFX card and then follow this article and start mining and increase the shortages even further. Hm, good job Tom, good job.



Tom's gave you all the information needed for you to decide whether to mine or not.

Let me paint it a bit simpler.

Lets assume you believe the price of Ethereum is going to stay at what it is today, currently $709, forever.

Plugging in all that information into gives us:

(0.06$/kWh is my power cost in my area)

Or $38.78 monthly profit or a 309 day repayment.

If you are confident that Ethereum's price will stay the same or maybe even rise then you could expect to recoup your $400 purchase in at max 309 days.

If 309 days is too long to wait or you are unsure about cryptocurrencies then stay out of the water.



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I don't think that Tom's is going to advance mining much; our longtime enthusiast members mostly won't get into it and it's widely enough known already. A little extra knowledge for those of us on the sidelines and, who knows, maybe miners will concentrate on the most efficient cards and the price of the rest will go down. Not an issue for me, I'm running a fanless GT430, so what do I care about current prices?

Just seemed inappropriate is all. But it is trendy as all get out. i know Tom has to be unbiased so even if the miners have single-handedly ruined pricing, put most GFX cards out of reach of many users and basically just bleeped things up Tom's can't get personal. They are earning money. Putting food in their kid's tummies and all that. Who wouldn't like a little extra on the side. My 1080 Ti was purchased at($10 less) than MSRP back in January.

Talk about big, bad and beautiful, not to mention cool. I considered mining for a short period of time, but I didn't go to the darkside. Gaming with my GPU in the 30's and 40's took some time to get used to.


Dec 8, 2014
If NVidia and AMD released their high-end cards 1080Ti, Vega 65, etc. with 3.5GB of RAM and a lower price to reflect less gRAM. These wouldn't be of interest to miners while still being of use to gamers. Do you think gamers would buy them?

Not at all. Top end gaming can exceed 3.5GB of VRAM.

The 1060 6GB is a mid-range card. Ditto with the 4/580 8GB. Then we go to look at better cards and they only have 3.5GB of VRAM. Not going to work.

TJ Hooker


Quite the opposite I'd think. Gamers purchasing high end cards wouldn't want them to be hamstrung by a lack of VRAM to play at higher resolutions, whereas I don't think most mining algorithms would be significantly affected. The only concern would be Eth DAG size reaching 3.5 GB, but it's entirely possible it'll go PoS and end eth mining before then anyway. And regardless, you can always mine a different coin.

Also, this calculator shows that DAG size will only reach the point to render 3GB unusable around the end of this year (block ~6.9 million, epoch 231), not epoch 180 like shown in the article. Not sure which to trust...

TJ Hooker


From what I've heard you can't mod the BIOS on GTX 10 series cards, which are the only Nvidia cards worth using for eth mining anyway. Do you have a source showing otherwise?

I'm wondering why EVGA's 1080 Ti FTW3(both air and air and water cooled) have a dual BIOS if that is the case which I am fairly positive it is. I guess we just have an extra level of protection if we update the BIOS incorrectly.


Jan 12, 2011
Hashes per watt is absolutely not the metric you want to judge a card's merit on. Case and point: you pick an RX 560 and the ilk as the ultimate card, even at a pittance of hashes per card. Usually, the increased coins earned from the extra hashpower outstrips the extra power usage significantly (up until you hit that steep portion of the performance exponential curve). If you're scaling anywhere past a few cards or a single rig, 75W vs 100W on a card isn't your primary concern.

TJ Hooker


Not sure. From a bit of googling, it sounds like you can still flash your BIOS with another signed BIOS, but you are unable to flashed a modded BIOS (due to it having an invalid signature). Maybe the dual BIOS is just to protect against a botched flash, or maybe there exist signed BIOSs out there that you can download and flash. Maybe the dual BIOS is just a standard feature for FTWs that got left on despite not being applicable. All I know is that I can't find any results when I search something like "GTX 1060 BIOS mod" (other than people saying you can't), and given how popular eth mining is you really think it wouldn't be hard to find results if that was a thing.


More 'good news' for people hoping that chip prices will come down any time soon: silicon wafer manufacturers such as SUMCO and GlobalWafers have announced ~20% hikes in 300mm wafer prices due to on-going shortages with more possible hikes coming in 2019.

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