Question Ethernet adapter problems

May 22, 2019
Ok, so this all started when my PC didn't want to react. The mouse still moved but it was bugged and I couldn't fix it, so I turned it off via the switch on the PSU. Next time I turned it on it said my ethernet adapter had hardware or software related problems. I fixed it by downloading the complete driver pack from intel's website (From a separate laptop, on a USB drive), and making windows install those drivers through the device manager. Everything works fine.

So where's the problem? Each time I turn it on Windows seems to install the corrupt old drivers? Because I get a red x on my ethernet, then I troubleshoot and it fixes automatically. Once I had to reinstall the drivers the same way I used to fix it, except I first uninstalled the old ones (This was after a windows update, so windows must have installed some non working corrupt Windows files in the update). And yeah, It fixes itself but the fact that I have to go do the troubleshoot every time is starting to get me a bit nervous.

Is there anything I can do for this not to happen again? It's simple but this shouldn't be happening. Computer is a Dell Optiplex 7010 which was upgraded with way better hardware (GPU, SSD, AND PSU). Ethernet adapter is called "Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection". Thanks for the help.
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