Ethernet cable connected but pc saying it isnt. WiFi Working though?


Apr 11, 2013
I posted something like this a while back a day the issue has cropped up again. Basically my WiFi is working. My Ethernet cable has been working fine. Today I was in Battlefield 1 and the Internet cut out. Yet again it's the same issue. My PC is saying there is no Ethernet cable connected.

All drivers are up to date. Using a Virgin Media superhub and it's saying it isnt connected to any Ethernet connection on the app. I've tried all ports of it. It's lighting up on all of them and on my pc as well so there is a connection being made.

My pc picks up a connection for a split second then drops it again. Keeps doing this over and over.

Now I know the cable could be at fault but this problem happened a few months ago and it just fixed it's self somehow. Yesterday this problem was happening. I gave up and came back to the pc about 6 hours later and it was fixed. It seems to only happen during peak hours. All wired Internet activity just cuts out.


Apr 26, 2015
Rule out what you can easily rule out.
1) Reset the modem/hub
2) Replace the ethernet jumper
3) Download and reinstall motherboard drivers for the network connection

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