Jun 29, 2019
I've recently moved to a new apartment.
When I try to plug my newly bought cat6 into my computer it won't register.

On startup the ethernet port is blinking orange 8n the motherboard.
But as soon as my windows boots up the lights go out and windows is telling me there is no cable connected to the port.

I plugged it into my laptop and TV. They both register it at the connectivuty works.

I've tried new drivers, changing port on router,
went into bios to check for faults,
ipconfig release/renew doesn't work since windows don't see a cable plugged in, reseting network settings, reinstalling the computer, resetting router

I'm currently using an Asus Blue Cave and z170pro motherboard and windows 10 pro

Does anybody have an idea on what I could do or do I need a new motherboard?
Thanks in advance