Question Ethernet Cable stops working.

Oct 19, 2020
I'm using a desktop computer, not a laptop.

The ethernet cable has been working fine for the past 6-7 months.

Out of nowhere whilst watching videos on YouTube the internet goes away. So I though it was just one more of it's stupid problems that happen every once in a while, so I go to restart the router and get a drink.

I come back and no internet, didnt bother checking my phone because I though the internet company is probably doing another maintenance or whatever since the restart didnt work.

Out of nowhere I get an email notification on my phone. I got internet (WiFi) on my phone but not on my computer, i run a troubleshoot on the internet and i get this message.

'An Ethernet cable looks like a telephone cable but with larger connectors on the ends. Plug this cable into the opening on the back or side of the computer. Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into the router. If that does not help, try using a different cable.'

So I skip this step.

'A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken Not fixed'

Its 03:00 am and nobody is moving around in the house, so how on earth did this stop working or even worse.. brake.

I restarted my computer three times.
I restarted the router twice.
I changed the ethernet cable connection on the router from port 1 to port 2.
I unplugged and plugged the cable on both ends and making sure it's in good.

Nothing works, it wont even show me the internet.

My computer only has one port to accept an ethernet cable so I cant change it or anything.

Before I buy a new cable, any solutions?

Thank you.