Question Ethernet cable wiring

Sep 16, 2019
Hello everyone ! My first post here. Pretty much the title says it all, but I’m in a bit of a pickle here with wiring Ethernet throughout my home. I just bought the house about a year ago and realized the previous owner has already ran cat5e cable throughout the house, however it is not working. There is two Ethernet cables ran to the particular port I’m referring to. Out of both the cables the only ones used are the green and green/white ones, which for some reason are attached to a set of blue and blue/white wires which plug into the back of the cat 5e 50 Gold connector. When using Ethernet I know only 2 pairs of wires are actually used but it just doesn’t make sense to me the way they have it wired up.

I wish I could add pictures it would be much easier to show. I can shoot someone some pictures over a text message or whatever. Thanks I’m advance