Ethernet connection from sat receiver to laptop


Jan 25, 2010
I want to connect a DirecTV satelite receiver using an ethernet connection in the receiver, to my laptop, which has an internet connection, so that, the satellite receiver has internet connection. Can I use an ethernet connection that plugs into an electrical outlet that transmits the information via home wiring to my laptop and utilize a second ethernet connection that plugs into an electrical outlet and then plugs into my laptop ethernet connection and then setup the network via software in Windows XP? I know that Windows will setup the wireless modem for the internet connection because I am already connected to the internet. Will Windows XP setup the bridge from the USB modem to the ethernet connection and allow the satellite receiver to access the internet????
Thanks to all who respond... :)


Oct 22, 2012
i'm having the same issue , that i already have a wireless connection to the laptop and i want to transmitt this signal to the tv receiver via an ethernet cable. i already have an idea but actually i didn't try it before. it's as follows :

1- first thing you have to buy a usb network adapter
2- connect it to the laptop and after configuring it with the laptop and adding the proper driver to be working properly.
3- in windows 7, go to my network places (otherwise the similar window in other versions ) , and make a bridge between your wireless network adapter & the new added adapter
4- then the added adapter will work as an output place for the signal
5- connect it to your receiver finally