Question Ethernet connection issue between two wired locations


Jul 22, 2015
Have a weird issue. I work 100% remotely. 4 days at client and the other from home. Both are wired connections into Dell docking Stations. At the client, I have a static address due to issues with the VPN. At home, I use my normal home network. The issue arose when my home docking station died, and my company sent a new one. I connected everything as usual. However, the laptop did not connect to the internet. It wants me to override the static address. I verified the cables were working, and there is an internet connection. It used to read something like Ethernet 2, Ethernet 3, and Ethernet 4. I tried resetting the docking station and also rebooting. I can connect if the ethernet cable is plugged directly into the laptop. Any ideas or this is just a bad docking station? Both DisplayPorts on the docking station and USB ports work perfectly.



" It wants me to override the static address ".

I would not expect the docking station to ask or to do anything like that.

What is the exact screen message, window, or pop up box wanting (or appearing to want) the static IP overridden?

Are you able to take a screenshot and post the screenshot here using imgur (

At your normal home network is the laptop using a static IP address applicable to your home network router or being assigned a DHCP IP address as applicable to the router and your home network?

On the laptop run "ipconfig /all" via the Command Prompt and post the results. You should be able to copy and paste the results without needing to retype it all.