Question Ethernet Connection Slow (ASUS RT-N12)

Feb 16, 2019
Hi everyone,

Quick question that I didn't see the answer to when I was reviewing some of the other posts here.

I currently have a 100 mbps plan with my provider. I'm using an ASUS RT-N12 router. My desktop has a wired connection and everything else is wireless.

When I connect directly to the modem, I get slightly over 100 mbps, however when I connect directly to the router, my speed drops (Google Speed test: ~50mbps and Internet Provider test: ~60mbps). Wireless is even worse at ~30-40mbps.

When I had purchased the router a few years back, it was a deal that came with two routers. I hadn't used the other one, so I swapped them out this morning and I'm still getting the exact same speeds. I did change the wireless channels and it did improve slightly.

I checked to be sure it had the current firmware installed, but I'm really unsure what to check or change from here.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
- J

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