[SOLVED] ethernet controller driver for brand new motherboard and CPU

Howard Deane

Jul 10, 2015
So I recently just built my third computer. The process was smooth, and at first everything was good, until I noticed I was not getting any internet from my ethernet connection. Windows troubleshooting says its a driver issue. But I have tried to obtain updated drivers, and I will usually get an error message saying the driver is incompatible with my OS version. I've gone through a few programs that detect the drivers you need based off a hardware ID and get you the drivers, but none seem to work. I've checked all my connections, and have tried to manually install a couple different ethernet controller adapters. The computer has no internet and currently no way of getting it so everything is done through an external USB. I'm about fed up and would very much appreciate any fresh ideas!

Intel core i5-11600k 3.9GHz
Nvidia GeFore RTX 2060
Intel® B560 (LGA 1200) ATX motherboard
32 Gb ram