Ethernet controller driver for xp dell optiplex 745 desktop


Jun 20, 2012
Found this topic googling and have a question please? About to do a reinstall of Win XP Pro on a Dell Optiplex 745 which unfortunately came with an XP Home reinstallation CD.....which won't accept the Product Key. Phoned Dell who weren't any help, told me to get a 5yo to d/l XP Pro reinstall (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!) Anyway when I went to the Dell site and entered the Service Tag there is a huge list of drivers and I'm not 100% sure which ones I need....obviously I can't access the net via the Dell atm so wanting to d/l drivers etc to a USB stick and boot the Dell from there, just need to get the correct drivers which is a little confusing.

One other thing, would I be best to reinstall Pro using SP3 or SP2...the Dell has been upgraded to SP3 but the initial install would have been the original...should I update to SP3 once the install is complete? or can I just reinstall using SP3 now?

Hope someone can help?
Thanks ;-)