Question Ethernet disconnecting on Windows 10 pc


Jan 22, 2014
So, here's the problem. My friend's Win10 pc, which I am connecting remotely to in order to troubleshoot, is losing it's ethernet connection. Normally this wouldn't baffle me so much, but here's the kicker: The connection comes back when he turns on his Nintendo Switch. When he turns off the Nintendo Switch, Windows drops the connection again, saying the default gateway is unavailable. The PC is connected with an cat-5 cable to a Netgear WRN2000v5, the Switch connects with 2.4g wifi. All IP addresses for every device in his house are assigned static on the router and automatic on the devices. The router's firmware, and the PC's network adapters, have been updated to the most recent versions, yet the problem persists. The problem started a few hours ago, without any changes to any device or the router. I'm just out of ideas and troubleshooting skill, and why it disconnects a static IP address connected via ethernet port when a wifi device connects or disconnects is just baffling.


You might want to see if you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. I too own a Netgear router(and your friend has a router, not a switch) and I know for a fact, through testing/trial and error, that I cannot have the router on the latest firmware because that version tends to drop all connections and needs more reboots than anything in my household. For that very reason, I have to downgrade to the update which is just one below the latest.

Which version of the OS is your friend on?