Question Ethernet disconnection on Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC USB

Nov 17, 2020
Hello, below is my config:

Ryzen 5 5600x
Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC
G Skillz Tridentz Neo 16gb 3600mhz

So as i saw on Gigabyte reddit lot of mobo users are facing the USB 2.0 not working issue, but another issue i noticed was my Internet disconnects.
The cable from my ISP comes into my router (TPLINK), then another ethernet cable from router to the PC.

So i noticed that my internet light goes orange meaning there is no internet(not just ethernet, but wifi also), this happens when there are issues ISP side, however when i checked with the ISP they said everything was okay on their end, then i shutdown my pc and saw the internet come up again.
Post this i've been observing this for a few days, when i shutdown my pc, the internet is back on, now i just unplug the ethernet cable from the router that goes into my pc, and net comes on.

This is very unusual because i have never faced this issue before. I dont understand much about the specifics of how system works, just aware of the basics, but i have a feeling somewhere the Power from the ethernet port or something is disrupting the router somehow. Need help, because this happens very often and i cannot browse, or keep long downloads or play games when there are so such frequent disconnections :c

Also if anyone has any solution for the USB 2.0 ports not working, that'd be great, only reason i got this board was for the USB ports U_U