Question Ethernet disconnects every time when playing games

Sep 7, 2022
I use this old Dell PC my dad gave me a few years ago.

This is just happening now, it wasn't like this before.
On startup, I get the "Alert! Hard Drive fan failure" message, and whenever that message pops up I know if I play one of the games I like playing it'll show "Network cable unplugged" in the network adapters section after a while.
Still don't know why it's doing this, then again this is a 11 year old motherboard I'm talking about, and it would probably be the best if I just buy a new one, however I'm kind of on a budget here so I've been considering whether to get a new one or not.

Edit: To add, if I try using a wireless adapter, it just straight up turns off my PC instead of the network disconnecting.


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Full specs please. Please either include manufacturer model number if it is a prebuilt system, or full specs if it is a custom built system. And either way, if you've added anything at ALL, please include that as well.