Ethernet disconnects for 1-5 seconds then reconnects briefly after.

May 23, 2018

My PC is hard wired along with 2 other PCs. Only my computer's been disconnected for a second or so and then reconnects briefly after. I tried different wires but it's been the same with all of them. I suspect I have a software issue of some sort because of a possible recent Windows update. I reverted it to a time before the update once before but I'm not sure if it updated again and I'm just not able to go back and fix it. Please help me!
No error messages or pop-up windows?

Any particular game or application or all the time?

What Ethernet adapter are you using: make & model?

Download the drivers via the manufacturer's website and reinstall.

Open Task Manager and observe what your computer is doing and what, if anything, changes when the disconnects occur.

Watch for something that starts or stops thus initiating the disconnect. Then stops or starts again and the connection is restored.