Question Ethernet disconnects when laptop is asleep


Mar 21, 2016
Ok hows it going guys.
This problem started to occur recently. I didnt have it previously.
Basicly every time my screen goes black (not sleeping), my internet disconnects. im on LAN and not WiFi.

I tried to change every single setting.
The only thing I cant seem to figure out, is MAYBE its my battery settings? I currently have it charging only up to 80% (ROG Asus settings).



Wired LAN - correct? Verify that only the Ethernet network adapter is enabled. The Wifi network adapter should be disabled.

Look in Reliabiity History and Event Viewer. Either one or both may be capturing some error code, warning, or even an informational event just before or at the time of the disconnects.

Reliability History is much more user friendly so start there. The timeline format may reveal some pattern.

Try running the built in Windows Troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Also run "sfc /scannow" and "dism".

So how do you know it disconnected. If you use IPCONFIG /all does it say disconnect.....or does it reconnect as soon as you can see stuff on the screen again.

The event monitor might show if the port is going down.

Try letting a constant ping command run to the router IP address. That will show you if the port is going down. Now this might "fix?" it also since if it something that is traffic related the constant traffic might prevent it.

I would also look at the lights on the pc and/or the router. What you are looking for is do the lights change. I know one of my machines changes the port to 100mbps when it is sleep or off. I think this is wake on lan stuff doing that. If you can get into your router using a different device you might also see if the router will let you see the status of the port going to the pc.