Question "ethernet does not have a valid ip configuration"

Aug 22, 2019
First of all, sorry for my bad eng i try my best.
Helló girls and guys.
I have a big problem. I have a zte zxhn h168n WiFi router. This controll the WiFi, the ethernet and the iptv. This router have 4 lan port for tv or ethernet cable for pc. I try out, i can setup the ip tv for every lan. I try out, i can setup internet for every lan, work whit my laptop (need to fix the ip in Windows to But. Dont work whit my pc. Same setup same lan port same cable. But the pc Say "ethernet does not have a valid ip configuration"
I call the internet provider tech support. They dont help, they dont give a shit about My problem. Everything is fine they sayed. The pc work in my house whit my router yesterday. Just move to my mom. Any idie?
The ISP is only responsible to provide you an Internet signal, if any of your devices work, they are done, unfortunately.

Don't know a word, I suggest GOOGLE it. Maybe spend some time on youtube tutorial learning the basics first.