Question Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration

Feb 11, 2020
I ran into this issue about three hours ago. I bought a new cat6 cable to replace my cat5 cable, and after switching the cables the ethernet issue happened. My first thought was I had a defective cable, so I switched the cat5 cable back in and my desktop still showed "unidentified network." I ran the windows network diagnostics and got "ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration." I've spent the last three hours following all the possible solutions to this issue on various tech forums: all the cmd commands, updating drivers, network reset, trying static ip, power cycling router, modem and pc. The only option I have not done yet is a clean reinstall of windows10. I'm hoping maybe someone here can help me before I do a clean reinstall.

A few notes: my laptop has the same issue too but it can connect to my router through wifi. I did not touch the ethernet cable to my laptop as it was working properly before I changed the cable for my desktop. Also, I verified that the cat6 cable works, as I plugged it in straight to the router with another laptop. Lastly, the desktop is brand new, and this is the first hiccup I have encountered with it.