Question Ethernet Drops out but wifi doesn’t.


Sep 4, 2014
My pc is hard wired by ethernet cat 6 cable, my connection can be fine on some days but others like today the connection drops and the little globe with the X through it in the right hand corner comes up, and it often rights itself after say 20 seconds but then drops out again 5 mins later.

Sometimes when it happens i look at the back of my pc and a red light is flashing on the internet port.

I tried searching for driver updates in windows and assuming i clicked on the right one it said it was up to date.

The cable runs directly from pc to router downstairs, i crimped and made off the two ends myself being an electrician iv done this multiple times, if i have i could cut off ends and re install them.

(iv tired turning of router and back on makes no difference)
Motherboard is Asus Rog Strix z370-E

Below is a picture of my connector if somone wants to verify it looks good? View:


Do you have a simple cable tester? --
To verify all 8 wires are connected?
Not the worst termination I have ever seen but not the best. You really want the wires all parallel in the RJ45. Having your blue wires on top or your orange is not optimal. Strip about 2 inches of cover. Get all 8 wires parallel and straight in the 568B color code order. Then cut the parallel wires to length to fit in the RJ45. That is how I have taught RJ45 termination.