Question Ethernet "invalid IP configuration" since this morning... help?


Jan 10, 2018
watch your language
So, I keep my PC on 24/7, and I haven't changed any ethernet related settings in ages, it's always worked fine.

Until this morning. I went to my PC, and noticed that the internet wasn't working. Initially I thought it was my ISP [watch your language] up, but they aren't. Windows Troubleshooter constantly bombards me with "invalid IP configuration". Note that the actual ethernet cable is just fine.

I've tried absolutely everything. Reinstalling ethernet drivers, rebooting, flushing DNS, disabling IPv6, disabling and enabling the ethernet adapter through adapter settings, switching between automatic and static IP (some people say you need to let it stay on automatic, while others say you need to set a static one), executing some funky cmd stuff (don't know the specifics, stuff like "netsh winsock reset, netsh int IP reset"), updating to 1903 (froze on 94% though, and I heard it may actually be a good idea to not update to 1903 yet), spamming Windows Troubleshooter, etc. You name it.

Then, after a few hours of messing around this morning, around 1PM it suddenly worked again. For about two hours, at least, then I went back to square one.

So, I resumed the "experiments". Again, nothing worked. Until about 6:30PM. As a last resort I tried unplugging the router for 30 seconds, which I highly doubted will change anything since all my other devices work just fine (they're on wi-fi though). Funnily enough, I got my internet back again. For 2 hours, again. About an hour ago or so it suddenly stopped working again. So, I unplugged the router again about 10 mins ago. I currently have internet, again.

What's going on, and how do I fix this? It's really weird. At this point I'm even beginning to suspect that the extremely hot weather outside may be interfering with the router.