Question Ethernet network not working. W11


Aug 19, 2017
Hello, my wifi works fine. I get anywhere from 280-415 Mb/s I pay for 500 on my mesh system main home router is through 2 walls. When I plug my PC via ethernet into my router in my office i can load a page or two but then it stalls out. if I quickly get on to a speed test I see it ramp up to 400 or whatever it gets to and it stalls I then get a socket error. if i load a new web page at this point i get ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED. if I unplug my ethernet from the PC I get internet back.

I have reset the network settings
Uninstalled and re-installed drivers
reset ip config and flushed system via CMD
Checked bios to make sure its activated.
Performed long malware check.
DNS is set to auto
replaced cables.
any ideas?


I work with numbers like, to know where I am on ethernet speed. Just to have a comparison tool.
Now, how many feet does the wire travel to your office and how many connection points ?
Also, have you tried disabling the wi-fi device from Control Panel, Device Manager ?
Newer Windows (MS YOUR PC IS MINE) want to default to vulnerable wi-fi as the default network, which may interfere with running your ethernet on the same PC, also dual connections to your router are not going to work, you have to choose one anyways.