Question Ethernet not working on laptop

Oct 30, 2019
I bought an ethernet cable (cat6e) 30m to connect my laptop directly to the modem. When I connect the (cat6e) cable, my laptop can't detect it. Then, I tried the stock cable of the modem (don't know what kind of cable it is) and my laptop has detected the ethernet cable, but there's no internet access. when I troubleshoot it, it gives me a message: "DNS isn't responding" and "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (Primary DNS Server". I tried the following steps:

reinstalling ethernet driver. and adding gigabit ethernet driver

updating driver

changing dns to google and cloudfare. AND obtain dns automatically.

cmd (netsh, ipconfig flush renew release)

disabling IPv6

formatting the laptop

Any further solution on this one? My last option is that I'm going to buy an external ethernet port (3.0 to ethernet / 3.1 to ethernet) but I'm not sure if buying that item would fix the problem.
First there is no such thing as cat6e. There is cat5e, cat6 & cat6a. Even this really means nothing since the actual standards are based on things like eia/tia. There are many many fake cables on the market and the longer the cable is the more problems people have. Valid ethernet cable must be pure copper (no cca) and must have wire size 22-24 (no flat or thin cables)

So you first step is to see if you get some kind of lights or at least on your pc you do not see the red disconnected box. This in general mean you have physical connectivity and tend to not be cable issues.

After that it can be something related to DHCP or other settings on the NIC.

Do you have other devices that work properly with your router. It could be a configuration issue on that device if nothing works.