Question Ethernet only turns on after about 30-60 seconds of logging into windows?


Nov 28, 2019
Good day

I have this issue whereas my Ethernet port is taking about 30-60 seconds to connect to the network at every startup (Windows Login).

I have looked at some online forums to find some solutions. I have turned on Wake on LAN in the BIOS, and also turned off the power saving on the Power Management tab of the Ethernet port.

I am using a ASUS ROG Strix B450-F motherboard. I also noticed that when connected to the a gigabyte switch it only seems to be connected at 100mbps and not 1000?

What is strange for me is that the lights at the LAN port is off when the PC is off (no green lights on the switch).
My other PC - ASUS TUF X570 - have the LAN port lights on even when the PC is off (green lights on, on the Switch).

So something is turning off my ethernet port when the PC turns off. I want the LAN port to always stay on.

Any suggestions?

Whilst I am waiting for a suggestions, I am going to Flash my BIOS to the newest version and I will also revert my BIOS back to default settings.

I am guessing it has something to do with Fast startup, it seems like my PC is completely turning off and Fast startup is not working (even though it is enabled).
Wake on lan normally leave the ethernet port on but from what I have seen some machines drop it to 100mbit so the lights might be different on your switch.

It should work fine to have the port off when you boot. What I would try is to put in fixed IP address in the nic settings. It is likely some kind of DHCP delay but those are hard to troubleshoot. If putting in a fixed IP address solve the problem you could then spend you time chasing the DHCP if you wanted to. If it still does not work even with a fixed IP it is likely something else.