Question Ethernet port randomly stopped receiving a connection?


Jan 7, 2014

I have an Asrock Z270 Extreme4 motherboard and i woke up one day, turned on my PC and noticed that it was not connected to the Internet at all, so i figured my Ethernet cable was Toasted, so i went to radio shack and got a brand new Cat5e Cable and plugged it in, and nothing happened. It still said i had no connection, so i went to the router and the Orange light that is indicating that i have a Ethernet connection to that Specific Device was not lit up, so i swapped ports and every port i swapped my Computer to did not light up, even tho they where just working with a different device plugged into them.

The Router i have is a NetGear Nighthawk AC1900m which seems to be working perfectly fine for all the other devices plugged into it, i even plugged a different device into the port that i thought was not working and it did work. Every single port i plug my computer into does not work, i don't get the orange light indicating i have a connection. i Reset the router, i restarted my computer, u uninstalled and reinstalled my Network drivers and nothing works. so i went to radio shack and got a USB to Ethernet adapter and plugged it in, and it instantly works. So whats the deal? do i just need to get a new motherboard so i can have the port working again?