Question Ethernet port suddenly Stopped working


Jan 7, 2014

I woke up this morning to find that my Computer is no longer Connected to the internet, i went to radio shack to get a New Cat5e Cable because i figured my cable died. I plugged in the new cable to find out that it's still not working, i checked the little LED lights on the Ethernet port and they where not Glowing. I walked into the living to look at my router, to find out that the light on the 3rd channel (MY PCs Channel) was not glowing either. i turned off the Router and modem and let them sit for a minute before plugging them back in, it did not work. I went into my Windows 10 Network settings and Clicked the Reset Option, to reset the network and that didn't work either. The Device Driver did not need to be updated, Also when i do check on the actual Intel Gigabit Ethernet device, Windows says that the device is "working properly" and the device is detected. I uninstalled and Reinstalled the Network drivers and that did not work either. i went to radio shack once again to grab a USB to Ethernet so i can better troubleshoot the problem. i noticed that when i look at the Ethernet in the network settings, it doesn't even say that it is plugged in when it is. when i use the windows 10 troubleshooter to diagnose the problem, it comes up with, the cable not being plugged in or is broken. when its a brand new cable.


because the router works perfectly fine, it just wont connect to my Pc i have 3 more devices in my house that uses internet and they all are wired and work.
Maybe you misinterpreted my question... Is there in-wall cabling between your PC and the router ? If so, that single in-wall cable could be the problem. Or it could be the jumper from the router to the other in-wall connection.