Ethernet Problems, New build PC, NEED HELP :(


Aug 14, 2012
Hello everyone,
First off I want to thank everybody that helped me get my new build up and running, very helpful with your answers :)
I have a problem, however, I have a devolo unit for internet, and it will work through my laptop but not my pc. I have typed in run to get the 'device manager' and it shows a yellow hazard triangle on 'other devices' and everything in there. I know i havent got the 1394 cable plugged into anything on my motherboard and was just wondering if that was the problem?
if anyone could reply it would very very appreciated!
Those yellow exlamation point and anything in "other devices" means you have not yet installed the device driver for these devices. install the drivers for them.

A first place to start is your chipset drivers. They should have come on a disk with your motherboard.