[SOLVED] Ethernet randomly disconnecting

Jan 22, 2022
I have a custom built pc running windows 10 randomly will disconnect from the internet saying there is no internet or that there is no ethernet connected at all. I have updated my bios to make sure it was on the latest settings change loads of settings in the ethernet adapter settings, reinstalling drivers for the ethernet adapter even getting a fresh install of windows and the issue persists through all the trouble shooting i have even tried getting a different network card to see if the motherboard's was broken all brought no success. running cmd and pinging google.com any time my internet drops it gets a Request timed out. as a response

my pc is only the only device that this is happening on in my house.

currently i have my pc running to a netgear EXT3700 via an ethernet cord due to the placement of the router the
win 10 21H2
motherboard is a gigabyte b365 hd3 using bios F5
cpu is an i78700k
32gb ram
msi 3060

please any help would be appreciated this issue sucks to deal with
Connecting a ethernet cable to a repeater provides very little benefit unless it is some distance from your computer. If it is in the same room it really is not going to be much different than using a wifi nic in the pc. It is very close to use a USB wifi nic except the ethernet cord can be longer.

In this case I agree with the above it likely the ethernet cable. Be sure to use a quality cable. Do not use that flat cable you see being sold it does not meet standards for ethernet.

Now it could be that the repeater is actually failing. Can you tell if it looks functional. Can you try plugging a different device into the repeater.
You have pretty much ruled out everything so something was missed.

If the port is actually going to a disconnected status then it is some kind of hardware issue. If it is not the cable then that leaves the port. The drivers do not affect this much and you have already loaded new ones.

I would move the pc near the router and see if it works directly plugged into the router. The next step is to buy a pcie or USB3 ethernet card and it would be worth the effort to test to the router rather than waste money.