[SOLVED] Ethernet randomly disconnects and reconnects?

Jan 28, 2020
Hey guys,

I have no clue on when It happens or when it started but It irritates me alot. So usually, while using the internet, very randomly my ethernet will fail. It shows the little earth ball icon whatever in the internet status icon on the task bar. I click on it to see the issue and it says identifying network. I have tried checking my lease and it is 24hrs so I see no problem. I disabled wake on magic packet and save power options. I reinstalled the drivers, restarted the wifi router. Everyone in my household has no problems with internet but me. It irritates me alot because I get disconnected mid-game with my friends. Please help me resolve my issue. Thanks!

FYI, my ethernet cable seems to work as it flashes colours. It flashes orange whenether I have no internet. I also tried using windows troubleshooter and it says 'not a valid IP configuration'
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Apr 16, 2020
Can I get an update. I've been having the same issue for MONTHS now and I cannot find a solution. I have adjusted all of the power management options, Disabled Magic packets, Energy Efficient Ethernet, Green Ethernet, Updated drivers, NOTHING. The USBs in the front of the device and some in the back of the computer additional stop working with the Ethernet port until restart. I have posted on multiple Reddit Forms and no one has even bothered to reply.