Question Ethernet stops working randomly for a few hours. Wifi still works fine.

Aug 15, 2019
So for the past 8 months or so, my Ethernet has been working fine. But about 2 weeks ago, this issue started to happen. The Ethernet will stop working, the network name will read "Unidentified Network" and it'll remain like this for several hours. It happens seemingly completely randomly. It can be at 4 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. However there's absolutely no problem with the Wifi during this time.

That's not it, the Ethernet also still works when directly connected to the router, as my Apple TV shows no problem when connected to it while the Ethernet stops working on my PC & Laptop. Since it doesn't work on both my PC and Laptop, I doubt it's an issue on their end.

There are 2 Hubs that lead to my room. It goes Router -> Hub -> In-wall wiring -> Another hub -> My room.

The fact that it comes on and off randomly makes me think it's not a damaged cable or something similar. Yet restarting either the hubs or the router doesn't fix anything. At the moment my only option is to wait it out. When connected, the data indicator lights flash in a regular pattern. While working normally the blinking in random. Same pattern is on the hub, Each port will blink at exactly the same time in perfect sync with each other.

While trying to load a webpage, the following error shows:
Yet I've never changed the DNS settings on either my laptop or desktop. Doing all the basic Network troubleshooting didn't fix anything either.

Any ideas on what could fix it or just what the problem could be?
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Well, whether u can fix this on your own (we are not there, you are) depends what you are willing to do/absorb info given blah-blah.

Sorry about your trouble but the good news is, a couple of hours is plenty of time to troubleshoot.

Networking in its essence is very easy to troubleshoot. You are going A to B to C to D, and all you do is to ask, I am A, now can I get to B, how about to C, then to D etc. then you find out where the BREAK is.

The Windows built-in tools to troubleshoot this are:

VISUAL INSPECTION: LED by the RJ45 jacks tells physical connection issue.

IPCONFIG /ALL command, shows WHO AM I? HOW DO I GET WHERE I NEED TO GO. This finds out IP misconfigurations, DNS/DHCP problem.

PING command, asks, can I get to B, to C etc.?

Your ball.