Discussion Ethernet throttled after using BitTorrent for Software downloads

Have you ever got your internet connection throttled by using P2P protocols?

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May 9, 2019

I expect the majority of users here know that in example Ubuntu (and a lot of more both open-source and closed source software) supports using torrents to download their software because it is popular enough to be slow at certain peak hours given downloading by their Datacenters, so I did just that with Propellerheads' Reason DAW. After downloading Reason, I've had for the past month a terribly throttled connection, from 100MB/s contract to 300KB/s without no prior warning or any message etc.

I'd like to know if anyone else here has experienced throttling after downloading LEGIT software through P2P connections and how to deal with this. I haven't contacted my ISP yet because I am not 100% sure if the throttling is because of P2P networking usage, but what I have read online is that as soon as they detect any kinds of P2P protocols used with high speed connections, they will take 'shadow' countermeasures. Today I finally uninstalled BitTorrent to see if the throttling goes away as time passes..

Let me know about your experiences down below!
I guess it depends on how long you are running torrent. Most valid traffic you would only run a couple hours at most. There just is not that much valid content to be running constantly for weeks at a time. If you run it 24x7 they likely suspect you are up to no good. I suspect if someone was constantly downloading stuff from steam all the time they might be concerned also. I saw people complaining that some recent game was 60gbyte download on steam.

When you consider many families will be watching mulitple 4k video off netflix does it really matter what is eating the bandwidth. Torrent used to be the number 1 bandwidth usage pretty much now streaming video servers have exceeded that. Mostly because everyone watches online video but only nerds run torrents.

Years ago when I used to work very closely with a large ISP they were only really concerned about torrent if they were getting legal documents complaining about theft. They would have to pull logs to see which user was using certain ip at that time. Pretty much you got 1 warning and then they would just decide not to provide internet services to your house. They would every month look to see who the top 100 users were and what types of traffic they were running. They were mostly looking for compromised machines being used by criminals. They would not just blindly limit someone they would send email out warning or asking why there was so much traffic.