Ethernet to Wifi help


Dec 28, 2012
Hi All

I am hoping you can help me. I am great with hardware until it comes to Networking :)

My current situation leaves me in a pickle in my new apartment. The landlord has had the kitchen tiled and I can get wifi anywhere in my kitchen but not in my bedroom as the tiles seem to block the wifi signal.

The landlord has wired in an ethernet cable into the bedroom but I do a huge amount of work on my I phone and need Wifi connectivity.

Is there a way in which I can set up a router in my bedroom running from the Ethernet cable? If so how please and what do i need to do?

It is a plusnet router that is in the house and I do not have access to the account I just have a public open Ethernet cable that I plug into my computer. If not is there a way I can broadcast Wifi from my computer instead? I have a ASRock Z77 mobo but it only has one ethernet port. I am not fussed what I need to buy or how much it costs me I just would like to have Wifi and I am not sure if this is possible.

Thanks a lot

You can use any router see the sticky on this forum about using a router as a AP. You want to use it as a AP to make things easier on you in the long run but it would work using the router as is. Unless they have some form of security to try to prevent you from doing this it should be as simple as pluging the device in the wall and start using it. Be sure you use WPA/WPA2 you don't want to leave your landlords network open to hackers.

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