[SOLVED] Ethernet wall jack lower speed

Oct 2, 2019
So I recently reconnected an old ethernet socket located in the attic to the modem but its only getting 95 ish mbs for speed while connecting directly to the modem gives 200mbs. I connected to the modem with a new rj45 connector t568B wired. I cant rly tell how the wall jack is wired tho so maybe thats the bottleneck ( photo in describtion)?


Certainly not properly terminated.

And what does the overall run of that ethernet cable look like: for example is the cable bent, kinked, squashed, run along electrical cables, etc.? How long is the cable run? Does the cable go outdoors?

What is on the other end of the cable: another wall outlet, a patch panel, what does that termination look like?

How is the cable labeled?

Do some online research and reading about installing and terminating Ethernet cables. Do not go by just one or two websites/videos. The more you read and learn the better.

Then go over the cable and connections/terminations in question.

Post what you find and any additional questions that arise.
That is the most common fix for these jacks. All it takes is a wire to come loose and it with drop to 100m or not work at all depending on the wire.

Part of the issue is that the wires are incorrectly stripped. You need the grey jacket on the wires to go partway into the jack. The jack will then crimp to the jacket. Many times you use a small zip tie in addition if the jack allows for it. This way if you were to pull on the cable it would be the outside jacket that take the load rather than the wires themselves. The wires themselves are only being held by a tiny bit of copper under the pins.