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Question Ethernet

Jul 3, 2020
Thanks for the information. Here is my situation. The main access point for the internet and tv service in the attic of the apartment. To make things even more difficult, the wiring that is done is only for coax cable and not for ethernet. So when Fios came for the setup, they had to put the router up in the attic, TV no problem, they connected that with a splitter for the coax cable. Internet however, a different story. The WIFI signal coming through many layers of the wall was terrible. So Verizon put an extender on the main floor. My desktop and printer is connected to the extender ethernet port taking up the 2 ethernet spots. Now, I need a ethernet port to connect my WD cloud, for which I am thinking to using a ethernet switch. As far as I know, that should work, connect the switch to the extender and connect the desktop, printer and WD cloud to the ethernet switch.

The above solution was provided in the earlier thread regarding the ethernet switch.

Now coming to the WIFI connection for the laptops, phones and other devices. Because there is two signals, one from the main router in the attic ( which is intermittent) and the other from the extender, there is a little issue in certain parts of the apartment. So to solve the signal issue, I am thinking of getting WIFI extender. So the main question is:

How do solve the issue of WIFI extender selecting only the signal coming from then extender in the main hall?
This would be my first choice.

Another idea that came to my mind is that, since there is coax cable in all the rooms, connect one of them to the splitter in the attic and have a coax cable to ethernet converter and connect the WIFI extender. Now this means, me spending more money and more complex.

Open to any other suggestion, besides rewiring, which is not an option.

Thanks in advance to all the help.



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