EU Ruling forces Google to Allow Scrubbing Search Results

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Aug 16, 2006
The 'public' does not intrinsically have a right to 'know' anything. People got by for hundreds of years trusting one another before google and facebook. Now, after every damned job interview, you've got hiring managers using Google and trying to dig into your personal life, because some blurb you posted 5 years ago about a politician is completely relevant to your job performance, and worth not hiring you over.

FWIW, no this hasn't happened to me, but I'm sure it has to many others. This attitude of Google's is completely self interested. Google isn't interested in the public's right to know, it's Google's right to know, so they can sell ads alongside your private informaiton when someone looks you up. In the end, it's always about money. Fuck Google, use instead. It's like Google, but without the creepy.


Dec 24, 2013
@dark_knight33, I must say, I disagree with you. While I'm not a fan of Google trying to shove it's browser down my throat, at the very least, it makes a damn effective search engine. And yes, they are a business, so they're focused on profits, as they should be. A company focused on profit will offer services and products that people want the most, and will have the funds to invest in research and development for future products which will keep things interesting. You are capable of hiding your personal information online. It's not Google's responsibility to baby-sit you and hide your five year old comment about some politician that you stuck your real name on.
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