Question Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 64bit Crashes on Launch.


Dec 24, 2014

For the past few hours i have been trying to fix this issue but to no avile.

I reinstalled ETS2 today with the hope of being able to kill some time driving around Europe, but when loading the game in 64bit it would crash almost immediately while showing the "SCS Software" logo.
This would happen with all forms of launching the game in 64bit. (Base Launch, DirectX11, OpenGL, Safe Mode)
Launching the game in 32bit still works no matter the launch preferance.

I have tried solving this myself but have finally run out of steam and ideas. Heres a list of everything i tried (Not in order):
  • Complete clean reinstall
  • Verifying integrity of game files
  • Launching in both full screen and windowed screen (changed setting in config file)
  • Unplugging 1 of 2 monitors (to prevent game getting confused on which screen to use or enter multi-screen playing)
  • Manually updating the game
  • Running steam as admin
  • Disabling my anti-virus and firewall (while installing and running)
  • Updating graphics driver
After checking the "game.log.txt" in my Documents i noticed this error:
[ufs] Home directory: 'C:/Users/<UserName>/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2'.
<ERROR> Create folder failed. Access denied. (C: )

So i tried giving the ETS2 folder write permissions, but every time i do that it just reverts to being read only. My user account has "Full Control" in the "Advance Security Settings".

Is there anything else i can try to fix this problem? Heres the "game.log.txt" in case i missed anything:

While i could play in 32bit and just call it a day i had planned on installing "TruckersMP" which only works on 64bit unfortunately.

Cheers for any help and advice in advance.