Question EUROCOM laptops with desktop CPUs and their upgradability

Jul 29, 2015
Hello everyone. I am planning to get a desktop replacement laptop in the near future and was curious about Eurocom laptops. The model I am specifically interested is this one -,431,0)SkyX4C

Its description reads:
World's first Coffee Lake GPU- and CPU-upgradeable laptop powered by Intel Z370 chipset, NVIDIA RTX 20 and GTX 10 series MXM3 GPUs and Intel 8cores/16treads LGA1151 socket based Processors

I tried to gather as much info as I could and didn't find anything that would suggest that this laptop would be less upgradable than a desktop.
Besides CPU, GPU, HDDs/SSDs and RAMs, what components may be unupgradable on a laptop?
I would like to treat this laptop essentially like desktop and upgrade the said components as I see fit.

Can anyone confirm that this laptop series would fulfill my expectations?
I have also heard that some laptops are unupgradable due to chipsets being soldered on board. Would this laptop have the same issue?
Since most essential components are explicitly stated to be upgradable (RAM, GPU, CPU and storage), I would like to know if anything else may cause an issue if I wanted to upgrade something (the chipset?)
Thanks everyone for your insight :)