'EVE: Valkyrie' Available As Pre-Order Bonus For Oculus Rift

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Jul 30, 2014
When I played this demo back at Computex, it was a "moment" for me. It helped me realize 1) what VR is really going to be, at least at first, and 2) why it's so enchanting.

We've all played these cockpit space shooters before. But I've never liked them much, because you had barely any FOV. I always found myself wishing I could just turn my head to the side to see what was happening so I could adjust my fire and track enemy ships.

In this demo, though, I did exactly that, instinctively. I was caught off guard: I could see out the side windows. And I could look all around and see the inside of the whole cockpit, and even had a sense of spatial awareness. It was such an intuitive thing for me to do -- to look around -- and my natural reaction was rewarded with a 360-degree virtual environment.

All the demo really does is put you inside a game that you're already familiar with -- but that's *so cool*. It didn't matter to me that it wasn't photo-realistic. I was INSIDE a video game. Just incredible, and so fun.
Must I ask the obvious question? Why is there no mention of when we'll be able to pre-order?
I was thinking the same thing... I'd preorder now if I could.. but I suppose they want GearVR to have it's day in the sun for now.
Was thinking, wouldn't it be amazing to see HTC released with a free game too... Half-Life 3!!
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