Question Event 41, Kernel Power help (losing my mind)


Sep 28, 2016
So for a bit now whenever I would get into certain games my display would randomly shut off and fans get louder out of nowhere and after checking the event viewer it says it was Event 41, Kernel Power, Task Category (63)

After researching and testing, installing a new PSU (which the most common suggested fix) I am at a total loss because it's only when I game it must be related to GPU then? I have a 1660 SUPER and it just crashed a short bit ago after playing Saints Row 3 with a friend, a game from 2011 so it's not like I'm going overboard putting it under stress. I kept NXZT CAM open to check temps, loads and they seem normal. I have had issues on my old build with overheating and my pc would BSOD or just shut off completely so idk if it's an overheating thing but it doesn't feel like it. It's an absolute pain and affecting my ability to work and my mood, I just want to get it fixed. If you lads have any suggestions at all, I would appreciate it and if you need any info, shoot and I will supply>

Thanks for any help