Question Event viewer Application error firefox_pass.dll

Feb 21, 2019
Hey guys, I'm Cody!
I'm new to the forum as a registered user, but I'm a long time lover of this wonderful forum.
Too many times I could come up with the right solution to fix my machines. Thanks to all of you for that:)
Right now though I couldn't find a reason for something strange happened to my Windows 7 Sony Vaio notebook yesterday.
Basically, I was surfing some websites, but I noticed that I could access only some of them, while others, that I normally access without problems (news websites, ebay and more) didn't load at all.
I experienced something like that in the past and it was something related to my ISP, so I tried to access with a VPN and I could regularly access all websites.
The strange thing though, is that when I opened the Windows Connection Center to check if my DNS where ok (and they were set to automatically get DNS address), on my browser opened up the router configuration page at "" without me doing nothing to reach such page. It was the login page, just to be clear.
As I tried to close that page, I noticed that I was only able to move the mouse, select things, desktop icons, file and folders, but I couldn't actually perform any action and the right click was like disabled.
Basically, if I double clicked it was like if I was making a single click and even if I hit the Enter key on the keyboard, no action were performed, like if it was disabled too.
I tried to shut the system down, but I couldn't click on the shut down option (I could click actually, but no action was performed), so I had to force a manual shut down.
After restarting the machine, I ran a virus scan with Kaspersky boot cd that only came up with an .exe file for the Formatfactory installer.
I took a look at the Eventviewer and I noticed that at the time that I noticed the strange behavior, there are a lot of ID 1000 Application Error events, followed by Windows error reporting Information events.
To be specific, the error description was like:
"Name of the application that generated the error: rundll32.exe_firefox_pass.dll, version: 6.1.7601.23755. Name of the module that generated the error: msvcrt.dll, version: 7.0.7601.17744"
The machine now seems to run regularly, but I'd like to know your opinion about the above error, considering the strange behavior that I mentioned above.
Should I get worried about some illegitimate intrusion on my system that I should better take care of, or was it just a series of coincidences that brought my machine to crash that way?
Thanks to everybody who will contribute to solve the mistery!

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