Question Every ~1 hour when gaming the sound of the game crash for a sec or two.

Sep 30, 2021
Hello there,

I have an issue where every hour I will lose all audio on the game I'm playing for a second or two.
It only do it on video games, I can bingewatch 18 hours of a series with no sound issue at all but when I fire up a game where the sound is critical (R6, CSGO) you can be sure that after one hour the sound will crash when I will need it the most.

(you can hear the bug at 9 seconds)

I've uninstalled, tested and reinstalled all audio drivers, gpu driver, monitor software but the bug is still here so I'm sure that it's not an drivers issue.
It happen on my TV speaker and on my Headset so it's not an hardware issue I think (the fact that it can be recorded with software prove that it's not the hardware right ?)

I've also tested to disable NVIDIA Shadow play, it didn't change anything.
It's not a issue of focus being lost to an hidden background software, I let the game produce sound when it's in background and in that case it will put me back to desktop when playing counter strike since I play in fullscreen.

I don't know what to do anymore, if any of you have anything I can test to resolve this issue it will greatly help.
Thank you.
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Sorry for the very late reply, i had alot of things going on.

Try this step by step (read till end):
  • Disconnect from internet
  • Uninstall gpu driver and audio driver using DDU (clean and do not restart). also uninstall razer driver/app if you installed it
  • Uninstall all the processors and the chipset in system device (if available) on device manager (should be 16 on yours, also when it asks for restart, click on no) like this:

    Chipset LPC:
  • Restart the pc to bios, and update to the latest bios(again if you did). Then go to bios again after update and load default or optimized settings, then save and exit.

  • boot up to windows and install the latest Chipset driver, reboot, and connect to internet.

  • Install the latest nvidia driver.

    *do this all offline until reboot after installing chipset driver, also you may reboot to bios after all of this to set the XMP (and previous settings you did) and make sure ram is on slot 2 and 4 if you use 2 sticks. Download needed files (highlighted word) before doing step 1, do the step by orders.

  • And check windows update if there is any and install them. Enable hardware accelerated graphics scheduling (available in the latest windows update) in graphics settings and reboot, it should be like this:
Make sure the psu connected to the gpu is 1 pcie cable per 1 slot (use main cable, not the branches/split) like this: