Every computer or wireless devices can print except for my computer


Aug 15, 2018
So I followed many HP forums already-solved solutions and tried all of them to no avail. And even a couple of youtube tutorials are no help at all. Here is what I tried from all of the sources.

  • Removing and re-installing my printer by selecting the gear windows 10 start menu settings and successfully added the printer. It still would not print.
  • I even tried removing and adding the printer from control panel and successfully connected using the WPS number, still wouldn't print.
  • Went to Services and restart the Printing Spool and that still did not work.
  • I tried Updating Driver from Device Manager and did both choices of Search Automatically and Browse through my list method. Still does not print.
  • Tried disabling "Render print jobs on client computers" in the control panel > view devices and printers > and viewing the Printer's properties. That still does not work.
  • I unplugged and re-plugged my power from the printer for a few seconds and restarted it hoping the network connection resolves the issues. Still wouldn't even freaking work!
  • I even tried restarting my computer after each of these attempts and still does not resolve a dang thing!
My home office computer which is connected to the printer by wire and my laptop is able to print fine wirelessly to the printer. Right now it is my gaming desktop computer that can't do a damn thing!
My gaming desktop is also wireless and had no problem in the past until last week.

So for example, I open up a word document and go to printer properties, I get an error message pop-up with a link to destination C:\WINDOWS\splwow64.exe and the text-box message displays "Function address 0xdd4b5549 caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xe06d7363) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed.

Also from my laptop, the default printer says "HP Envy 7640 series (Network)" and it prints fine.
My home office computer just says "HP Envy 7640 series".
My gaming desktop computer says "HP183A15 (HP Envy 7640 series)".

And after I clicked okay, it is only showing two tabs which is Layout and Paper/Quality. The Printing Shortcut tab is missing. See link to images below

Printing Shortcut Tab Missing

This is my printer which is an HP Envy 7645.

HP Envy 7645 Printer

Help would be appreciated as I need to print again in the next couple of weeks because I'm a college student who prints a lot.