Question Every device on my network randomly drops wifi/wired connection


Jul 16, 2017
This problem is very wide-spread and it's been going on for a long time. Every device - wired/wireless/mobile has some kind of problem with my internet. Mostly PCs and Laptops. Phones ocasionally. Sometimes they just randomly drop out, and you have to restart the router, and sometimes the temporary fix I found was to uninstall the network card (from the device manager) and install it again. Sometimes it works after that, sometimes it requires a reboot. Regardless of the system (Win 10/Win 8.1). Even when someone visits my house with a laptop this stuff happens. You could say that my router is being restarted around 10 times a week. And on every Windows device I have to reinstall the network adapters every day because it randomly decides to drop...

I have a very brief knowledge of networking but for example when I was doing the network test for GeForce Now it showed quite a bit of packet loss, so this might be a hint. I know that it can be caused by poor equipment so maybe this whole problem is caused by bad hardware and a swap to sth better would fix it

While gaming I have no ping spikes but in one game - League of Legends my internet freaks out. It freezes the game every minute or so for around 15 seconds all the time, non-stop. Also sometimes it just decides to not work and disconnect me from the game entirely and I have to restart the game(even tho that my PC is on a wired connection!) . It's the only game I have such problems with, others are fine.

If you have any suggestions, I'd be grateful. Any questions you have I'll try to answer

Phillip Corcoran

Router is my prime suspect if you're always having to restart it to restore connection.

I'd be tempted to try and borrow a decent Router to start with and keep it a few days if you can. That will at least get you started on finding the root cause.