Question Every game crashing on map load

Liam Sullivan

Dec 31, 2014
I recently made my brother a PC out of older parts I used to use and for some reason almost every game that requires map loading crashes. I have been trying to get R6 and CSGO to work in particular, and when benchmarking, these games do fine. This PC is not the strongest, as these are the basic specs:

ASRock z97 OC Formula
GTX 760 Graphics Card

There used to be a faulty HDD that was causing severe problems with windows 10 and was always running at 100%, but that has been replaced with a SSD that is 256 GB (going to add more later). After installing windows 10 on the new SDD, we started getting BSoD problems until I decided to do a fresh install, update, and activation of windows. This problem seems to have stopped (knock on wood). Sometimes the PC would BSoD on loading maps, but now the games simply just crash.

I have looked for multiple answers on this website and I have come up with reinstalling drivers for the GPU and installing an updated version of the mobo's BIOS (have not tried updating the BIOS yet but I want to see if there are other more obvious fixes too that I cannot think of). Reinstalling the drivers did nothing. I then thought that maybe the temperatures were too hot for the components to handle, so I ran HWmonitor while benchmarking in R6 and saw no issues (49c-55c on CPU, 30c-60c on GPU @100 FPS average on high to very high settings). Running out of ideas here.... Anyone else have anything (besides a BIOS reinstall update) that I can try?

Thanks in advance!