every games are lagging and high cpu temperature

Mar 30, 2018
My main problem is every games are too lagging even on minimum video setting.

cpu - intel core i7 4790 (removing dust just done but no thermal paste currently)
gpu - msi nvidia geforce gtx 950 (with clean installed latest driver)
board - msi h97 gaming 3 (latest bios)
memory - 16gb
os - windows 10 (clean installed i think)
room temperature - less than 25C
and no viruses for sure

I have that cant play any games problem since 2017. I have done a lot of guides and tutorials from googling and friends like reinstalling windows , upgrading windows , upgrading memory , changing hard disk , scanning viruses , upgrading drivers and still cant solve. cant even reduce lags.

i dont know how to describe my problem. so i just say games are too lagging. like a streaming 1080p movie with very low speed internet, a frame after a frame.

now my mind is on cpu temperature. cpu temperature may not solve my problem but i think they are really high. all 4 cores are at over 60C when just browsing internet with cpu load of around 2%. and core speed may be around 800MHz. which results are tested with core temp 1.11.
And when testing with msi kombuster cpu strees test, core temperature reach almost tj max (100C) within seconds with cpu load of around 32% and core speed around 1300MHz.

is my cpu normal? what shall i do to solve my lagging problem.

i will be happy to provide additional info if u want.

thank u guys.


How do you expect to be gaming with those temps and without thermal paste? You are lucky that you have not fried your cpu yet. Thermal paste is a must, not an option. Your cpu is throttling due to high temps in order to prevent damage. Buy some quality thermal paste, apply only a dot, rice grain size and reseat your cooler.