Question Every monitor freezes but pc still runs


Sep 29, 2020
Ive had this problem ever since i moved my pc yesterday, i cant use my pc for more than 15 minutes until it crashes randomly in that time frame period. The crash can happen as every software opens up while starting my pc (1minute in) or when im playing a game. (~10 minutes in) Each monitors completely freeze and arent reactive but i can still do commands and audio is happening in the background. Ive tried looking at temperatures while playing and nothing went up at the crash moment and in the Event viewer, nothing really clear tells me what is actually going on.

Gpu: rtx 2060 super
cpu: i7 9700K
ram: 32gb
psu: 750w corsair

If you have any idea what could be causing this bs, please elaborate.



psu: 750w corsair
Corsair is the brand of the unit while 750W is the advertised wattage of the unit. What is the model for said unit? As for your PSU, what's it's age?

You forgot to include the make and model of your motherboard. Please include the BIOS version for said motherboard. Did you try DDU, reinstalling GPU drivers with the latest version in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?