Question Every other reboot fails to boot!

Dec 4, 2019
I have a brand new build
Asus x299 Prime Edition 30
Intel I9 10900x
Asus 2080 TI
Gskill 3600mhz 128gb GTRZ
Corsair 1000w AX1000
Cyberpower 1500PFCLCD
NZXT Kraken x62
Acer Predator x27
M2 970 Evo Plus

Operating System:
Windows 10 Enterprise

I have an updated bios, all windows updates installed, all drivers updated to most recent.
I have two issues, one is that I can use the computer just fine, if I shut down and come back later to power on it wont get any signal on the screen and the error code on mobo reads 00.
What I have to do is hold the power button to shut down the computer, it will fail the boot from incorrect shut down and force me to bios so from there I save and exit and it always works to boot back in, I am seeming to have to do this each time though!!
Second issue is my reset button on the case does not do anything!
I am wondering if there is anything you think might be contributing to the boot failure after shutting down, if I reboot multiple times in a row it loads up fine its just from shut down to fresh start up I get no signal till i reenter bios and exit.
As for the reset button I do have the system headers connected and on the case the power button LED button that turns case lighting on and all the USB work its just that reset button that does not.
Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.


You might want to share a picture of how you plugged the front panel connectors to the board, sometimes you will need to flip the polarity of the reset switch to make it work. Another test you can do is take a flat head screw driver, with the system powered down and front panel connectors disconnected(and then the system successfully powered up), try to see if the screwdriver can aid in causing a reboot, manually. Same thing seen here but for the reset side(+ and -).

By latest BIOS, which version are you on? Which version of Windows 10 are you on?