Question Every port checker says my port is closed, but utorrent says it's open. So which is it??


Nov 15, 2017
I've been through a lot of research for days to get my port to open for better uploading with utorrent, and it finally says it's open, but actually not much upload is going on, and when I check the port with's port checker, (and others) it says that it's closed or not reachable.

I would like to make sure that utorrent is not giving me a false positive.

I do have proper IP, I made a static IP, I forwarded the port in the router menu, enabled upnp, added port trigger, added the port and also portchecker.exe as a new rule for the firewall, but also tried with av and firewall turned off, I checked in powershell if the port is listening.

One thing I don't understand is the "NAT" thing that I've seen in some forums, but other than that, I think I've done everything I could, so I don't understand why port checkers say it's still closed, but utorrent says it's good.
This is where have some basic understanding of networks help. So many people blindly follow guides many times written by other idiots who just copied data from other posts so they can make advertising money. It really help to know what a port checker really is doing to help find problems. There are many wiki but if you do not start with basic stuff like what NAT is you will get confused.

In any case it is likely the torrent client does not respond to the port checker. Hard to say since there is great variation in torrent client.

In general a program (ie the torrent client) needs to actually be listening on a port and respond to the port checker for it to be considered open.

I would be extremely careful running torrent the way you are considering. Torrent is mostly used for illegal purposes and if you run it from your house it can be tracked back to your IP address.