everyone here listen this:



If you think todays 3d-accelerator cards are very, very and very powerful, don´t get wrong... Run 3DMark 2000/2001 using software T&L and compare the results with an older card like VooDoo4 4500. I have a Radeon 64MB SDR.
Soft T&L sucks, but I saw the real power of the R6 chip.
Since i purchased Radeon 7200 SDR, I expected it would have a good rendering speed and a high quality graphics(like 3Dfx and unlike nVIDIA). If a T&L expansion card(if it exist) is added to a T&L non-capable chip, then...

Please, try It.
And if you have a little time, re: me this message with the results you obtain.


Nov 30, 2001
I think the reason that epople got away from using 2 cards in one system is because it got expensive, not to mention with the advancement of AGP, you only have one slot.
So far, and I doubt there ever will be, there is no mobo that has 2 AGP slots. Imagine the sheer loss in power trying to get a T&L expansion card to run in a PCI slot! There is so much bandwidth loss there, it's ridiculous. Simply enough, expansion cards don't work because the bandwidth becomes a bottleneck.
Also, expansion cards don't save you any money. In fact, in all likely-hood, they'd cost you more, simply because the same features supplied by these cards could be supplied by single card solutions at a cheaper price(single card vs. dual cards). If you bought a $100 Radeon 7200(I don't know the price, just an estimate), what do you expect to pay for an expansion card? $50... Doubt it, the ram alone for the card would possibly cost more than that. In the least, $100. At that total of $200, You'd be better off waiting for an old Geforce 3 to come down to that price(in fact, lower, possibly as low as the $150 mark if you're lucky).

Like Voodoo, expansion cards are dead. None are going to be made anymore(at least, I don't think they will). Always remember, even with the old Voodoo cards, the power of your primary video card didn't affect anything on your voodoo card, they were completely seperate.

yeah, that's it, no more rambling from me


Please, don´t get me wrong. What I´m trying to say is that todays video cards are not so greater, that a single card can make all the work, but just ATi, Matrox and STMicro are the only companies that fight for an optimum visual quality, and the stupids at nvidia just do the fastest cards in he market, but all them sucks.
Resumed: could not be an expansion card, could be an add-on card.